Village Gospel Work


Our ministry lies in the interior, totally rural-belt of Orissa state in Kesinga, Kalahandi district. Our district is mostly made up of dense forest and mountainous jungles, which is in habited by hills tribes. Kesinga is
the headqurters of our JJM office,where our church is situated. For the past years, the team of dedicated outreach work is a very difficult task among the non-believers, since Christianity is a minority religion accounting for less the 3% of India’s population. Hence a continuous approach is taken
by preaching the gospel to the villagers. Please pray for our village workers who need a vehicle to cover the entire District including the thickly populated trible people. We are going to all castes of people in

HOW CAN I HELP ? Every village pastor needs a motor cycle. it would cost US $7oo or US $ 6o for a bicycle.


Jehovah Jireh ministry has a leprosy pension which shows Christian love in action. As these lepers, widows and the hadicaped are being neglected and rejected by the community, Jjm provides food, clothes and medicine.
We have also appointed a pastor to pray, counsel and to preach the gospel to them, many lepers widows and handicaped are being reached through this ministry.

HOW CAN I HELP ? Sponsor a leper ,widow and handicap for us $30 per month for his/her food,clothes,and medication etc.


Every year Jehovah Jireh ministries organizes Evangelistic crusade and pastors conference in the different cities of Orissa, India. International speakers and national speakers are brought in to teach and
encouage the local pastors who are serving in India’s missions field. This conference helps the local pastors to enlarge their vision and stenghthen their unity. Through these crusade many non christians are
being saved, healed and baptized. Every foreign visitor is welcome to Jehovah Jireh missions India. Good season to visit isin the months of October to March.

HOW CAN I HELP ? We welcome conference speakers and crusade speakers to host pastors conference and large crusades in India. Details by request.


Our volunteers and pastors regularly visit the Hospitals to serve and comfort the diseased people through supplying Bible and Tracts and always praying for each and every patient to relieve them their sickness, pain and sufferings.

HOW CAN I HELP ? A donation will help to continue to provide medical attention to the poor with community health projects and eye camp.


Our team of pastors regularly visit the jails, in and around our District, distributing free Bible and tracts to prisoners in order to reform and bring them closer to Christ. During the past years we have achieved
good results and this good work is being continued in spite of great odds.

HOW CAN I HELP ? Need transportation for ministers, to give social aid to prisoner’s families and Bible for the prisoners.


For the past year ,we have been printing religious literature and tracts in the native languages and distributing through our team of ministry workers, in order to make known the gospel to the unreached areas of our District.

HOW CAN I HELP ?You can donate for a printing press machine and we will print in every language and distribute.


Our ministry is conducting regular prayer meetings in all the churches on every Friday for the revival of Christianity and for the Evangelization of India. We can build up a strong congregation and solidarity of
women prayer warrior who are carrying the message of Christ to their neighborhoods and pray for them.

HOW CAN I HELP ? Needs sewing machines to teach them tailoring for poor widows and women to help their incomes.


Through this Gospel outreach ministry, our pastors visit the interior villages and preach the word of God. Outreach team screens Jesus films and other moral educational films to the villagers to harvest new souls to revive the faithful to walk in God’s path and to keep away from Satan. Our team of aminators also create socio -economic awarness in these villages and impact training is simple skills and hygienic ways to lead a happy life. Please pray for our ministry to equip with a new set of Audio-video equipment and a van to reach all the villagers of District.

HOW CAN I HELP ? The film ministry of Jjm needs USA $5000 to provide for a film projector, Generators, screen and on evangelits a jeep is also needed.


For every Sunday Bible study classes and moral science classes are held for the childrens please pray for these Sunday shool needs.

HOW CAN I HELP ? A gift will purchase childrens Bible and materials for V.B.S.vacation Bile school.


On account of the Jehovah Jireh missions hard work and sincere efforts towards the Evangelization of India,the ministry reaches a vast number of people of India through the spiritual publication. Every day the circulation is increasing because of it’s popularity. This is a very strong media for Christian revival and for the Eangelization of India.

HOW CAN I HELP ? you can help to buy printing equipment computer, digital camera, library books to equip the literature ministry.
* US $5 will help us to provide 1 Bible to a new believer [EVERY HOME IN INDIA]
* US $25 will support 1 literacy student for 10 month.
* US $625 will enable us to educate a group of 50 students for 10 month.


Through our ministry many of non believers were baptized in to Christ and a congregation was formed. An evengelists is sent out to a village people to preach the gospel and start a church. Once he has a group of people who become his congregation which usually gathers in someone’s home varrendah and under the tree also doing Sunday service and worshipping to LORD Jesus Christ.

HOW CAN I HELP ? The total church project is US$5000 which is cover the
property, building,materials, construction and the evengelist/pastors and his family. You may come to India to dedicate your donated church.