1. The Organization will plant & establish pioneer Churches in the unreached region of the locality throughout the country . Primarily and Principally encouraging co-operation and extending service facilities to its members.

2. The Organization will preach, teach and propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ and will conduct all sorts of Biblical ceremony, ie: Baptism, Holy Communion, Marriage, Child dedication, Elder and Pastor ordination and Burial program.

3. The Organization will try to co-operate and make friendships with the similar organizations throughout India.

4. To Promote the adult education programs in the Kalahendi District.

5. Also to work in other activities for the development of the Society and for the people and amoung the people of the Kalahendi District.

6. To help teach Life coping skills, Career Guidance, Social Dynamics, and provide Counseling and Guidance.

7. Community Development – Our Community Development program is a unique activity which reaches women, adults and the aged. Rural development is a part of our outreach program through which villagers and tribal people are taught to have a better standard of living. (such as: safe drinking water, hygene and conducive enviromental atmosphere.