What does a sponsor do?
A Jehovah Jireh India sponsor provides a caring friendship to a desperate child in India and intervenes in the spiritual development of that child. **You will receive photographs and an information card about your child.

What does it cost to sponsor a child?
$30 per month (U.S.) or $360/year
Only our children’s home for high risk girls is higher $50 per month.

What becomes of the money?
100% of your sponsorship amount goes directly to India for the children. We are forced to take a small amount for administration expenses such as printing costs, postage etc.

How is the money spent?
Our sponsorship gift goes to provide three meals a day for a child. For medical care as needed, a safe place to live, teacher and workers who help and model Christian living and instruction in Christian disciplines. It also covers onsite overhead costs.

May I correspond with the child?
Absolutely, sponsors are encouraged to send cards and or personal letters to their child. This process may take several weeks. But individual birthday gifts, etc. aren’t encouraged since not all the children are sponsored and one or a few receiving a special gift would cause needless confusion or hurt among the other children. WE WELCOME general donations over and above your regular support, which will be sued for special occasions, toys and games for all. Also sports equipment, classroom equipment and dormitory needs. You may include in the card (stickers, bookmarks, photos of your family and pets). The children love to receive these.

May I send money or gifts for my child’s birthday?
Since many of the children in our children’s home center are still not sponsored, we feel that one child receiving a special gift would cause needless confusion and hurt. We do encourage sponsors to send a general donation in honor of the child, with which we can purchase something for all the kids to use (example: sports item, a table game for all etc.) Your child will also be given a new dress or shirt/pants from you, their sponsor.

Am I the only sponsor for my child?
Yes, you are the only sponsor for the child. That is why it is vitally important that you stay faithful with your donations. Your money makes all the difference in your child’s life. When you neglect to send in the gift, we have slack.

How long does my sponsorship continue?
You have the opportunity to continue sponsoring your child through grade school and right on into high school and college for the same $30 per month.

What happens if I discontinue my sponsorship?
We recognize that sometimes changes in circumstances forces a sponsor to drop a child. We ask that you tell us immediately and if possible give us 2 to 3 months notice so that we can secure another sponsor.

What happens if my sponsored child leaves the program?
From time to time we lose a child, either through death or a relative comes to claim the child or other reasons beyond our control. When this happens we will inform you as soon as possible and ask that you extend your donation to another needy child in the home.

Are there other ways to help children with J. J. Missions India?
Yes, you can send special monetary gifts for the general project which will help us to make improvements and beautify J. J. Missions children home center. In addition, an emergency fund will help us with operations when sponsors neglect to notify us that they are dropping out of the program.

Please email us with any other questions you may have.