Covid- 19 Relif

Help families in India stay safe

Covid-19 has caused the central government in India to institute a 21-day lockdown. One aspect of this is for local farmers markets to be forcefully closed. This is where the poor, daily wage earners, in fact much of the population, get their food. Between a lack of refrigeration and getting paid daily, most people in India have only enough food to get through a couple of days.

How you can be the difference:

Your gift will help in identifying those with the greatest need within our area of India and provide them with enough help to survive in an ongoing process.  $45 will provide sufficient food for one family, for the 21 day lockdown. Your gifts will feed those with the greatest need, providing them enough help to survive.

You will bring them hope.

$45 will help one family
$90 will help two families
$450 will help ten families 

Please consider how many families you can help today!