Church Planting And Evangelism


JJ Missions Pastors and church planters reaching out to the unreached villages in India exist on very little, their sacrifice very real. This vital monthly support provides food, housing, clothing and some transportation money for a church planting family enabling them to have their basic needs provided while taking the Gospel to new areas and planting churches.

 A church planting family can be supported for only $100 per month.


When a new church body in rural India grows past 80 believers, it is too large to gather in a pastor’s home. Finding a place to meet is difficult; towns and villages rarely have a large enough building available for rent, or if they do, Christians are not permitted to lease it. Having a place of worship is important for several reasons. In the most basic sense, it provides believers with protection from the extreme winters in northern India, and scorching summers throughout the nation. Shelter is especially important during the prolonged monsoon season, during which 80 percent of annual rainfall occurs. From a societal viewpoint, a place of worship helps overturn the perception that Christians are outcasts, by providing an acceptable place for people to meet together to hear the Gospel. And a building creates a sense of stability. For new believers, a church structure affords a site where Christian celebrations, funerals and weddings are held. In Indian culture, having a building in which to meet provides credibility, showing the church will endure and stand the test of time. All of the materials to build the brick walls, concrete floor and tin sheet roof can be provided for only $6,000. The church members contribute the free labour needed to build the church.

Please consider if God is leading you to Build a Church. Each church can be dedicated to the memory of a loved one or donated in the name of a loved one.